Как заменить сайт на действующем Hosting Account

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Как заменить сайт на действующем Hosting Account

Postby olgbbfrm » Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:40 am

My question:
1. I have 2 domain names:
- http://www.Site1.org;
- www. Site2.org.
2. I have 2 different hosting accounts for these domain names:
- Site1.org : Deluxe Hosting – Windows – Monthly (Billing Date: 10/01/2009);
- BrooklynEnvironmental.org: Economy Hosting – Windows (Free with Domain).
3. I created DotNetNuke website www. Site1.org. It works properly.
4. I have to RENAME my site www. Site1.org site to the name www. Site2.org.
My question is: May you give me OPTIMAL WAY for this action?

The Online Support Team Answer:
If you would like Site2.org to become the primary domain name on your Deluxe hosting account that is currently setup for Site1.org, you would want:
1. Cancel the free hosting account.
2. Once canceled, you would need to wait up to 24 hours until this domain name becomes available to setup on another hosting account.
3. After this time frame, you can change the domain name from Site2.org to Site1.org.

To cancel a hosting account, please use the following instructions:
• Select "Hosting" under the "My Products" section.
• Click the check box next to the account you need to cancel.
• Click the 'Cancel Account' button.
• Click the green 'Save Changes' button to confirm the cancellation.

Note: Canceling your hosting account will delete any files that you have stored within that hosting account on the server. Be sure that you have copies of any files you want to keep before deleting your account. Also, if you are using the email address provided to you for free as part of your hosting package, it will also be removed and all messages previously contained with in that email account will be irretrievable. As such, canceling a hosting account is permanent and all information associated with the account is lost.

To change the primary domain name on a hosting account:
• Select "Hosting" under the "My Products" section.
• Click the "Manage Account" link under the Control panel heading for the hosting account you wish to manage.
• Click the "Change Domain Name" button, under the "Settings" heading.
• Enter the domain name or select it from the drop-down list and click "Continue. ?
• Click "Submit" to confirm the update.

Please note that this change can take up to 24-48 hours to take effect. Changing your domain name may cause problems with your existing Web site. Any references or links which use your old domain name will need to be changed to the new domain name.
While this domain modification is in progress, your Web site will be accessible through both the old and new domain names. Once the process is complete, your Web site will only be accessible through the new domain name.
NOTE: If the new domain name is under a different customer account than your hosting account in our systems, or with a different domain registrar, you will need to manually update the DNS for the new domain name.